Home do I link Google Home or Alexa to Mercator Smart

In the Google Home App select add device and then select Mercator Smart from the list of linked services. In Alexa add a home automation skill and select Mercator Smart. Please see youtube link for a demonstration of Google Home https://youtu.be/rMswgPJZKpk

Full instructions below.

When logging in to the App by scanning the QR code my camera does not work

Some models of Android phone disable the automatic linking of your camera to the App. To enable the camera go to: Settings, select Apps, Select the Mercator Smart App, Select Permissions and enable the camera.

I can't find Add Device in the settings section of the App

Add Device is only available to the system administrator. When logging in to the App select Existing User and use the user name admin with password admin. You will then be able to add devices to the system

I can’t pair my light

Each product has a slightly different pairing time. Some products require four on/off cycles before they can “pair”, others require five on/off cycles. If your product does not pair initially, turn off the light, wait 10 seconds  and then repeat the pairing process.

What if the battery on my device dies, or my Wi-Fi drops out?

You can still operate your lights by using the wall switch. Once your phone/tablet battery is recharged or the Wi-Fi reconnects simply re-commence operating from your phone/tablet.

What happens if I accidentally use the wall switch? Does this override the app?

If you use the wall switch instead of your phone/tablet, or if you lose power to the Mercator Smart system, the Mercator Smart operating system will revert to the light’s last known setting. To change the last known  setting simply operate via the app.

Does the Mercator Smart system operate at different speeds (or take longer to respond) depending on the distance between the light and the Gateway?

The Mercator Smart system uses mesh technology, meaning each device is connected and talks to each other.
Whilst it is important that the first connected light is approximately 5 metres from the Gateway, the location
of other connected lights does not affect the performance of the system. Slow response is more likely due to the performance/quality of your Wi-Fi router. For best performance Mercator Smart should be used with  a Wi-Fi router.

Can the Mercator Smart system operate from more than one Smart device?

Yes, other people in the house can download the app and operate smart products from their own phone/tablet.

Do I have to be at home for my timed scenes to work

No – as long as the gateway is powered up and your WiFi network is operating all timed scenes will operate automatically

How do I link the Smart Sensor to the lights I want to control

Create a Rule to link the sensor to the devices (lights or switches) you want to control.

You will need to create a rule for what happens when the sensor detects movement (turn on lights) and another rule for what happens when there is no movement (turn off lights).

See the following – how to create a rule information for full details:

How many lights/plugs/switches can the Mercator Smart gateway control

Up to 80 devices can be controlled from 1 gateway

Will Mercator Smart lights work with my current manual dimmers

No – all dimmers must be disconnected. Mercator Smart Lights have the dimming function built into them. Use of existing dimmers may damage your dimmers and affect the performance of your Smart lights.

What type of WiFi router/hub/modem does Mercator Smart work with

Any 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz router/hub/modem can be used. The gateway uses your in-home WiFi to communicate with the smart devices.